favorite city >< favorite person

A few weeks ago, Frank commented that he needed to get to New York City to see Irving Penn: Centennial at The Met. Never one to pass up a travel gamble, I quipped, “If you need a tour guide, I could possibly be persuaded to go to The City with you.”

“Can we do Brooklyn, too?”

“With glee.”

“Well, you don’t have Offspring on this weekend,” he said, pointing to the calendar, “Let’s do it then.”

Before I went to sleep that night, I received a text, “Check your email for flight confirmation.”

I was floored. “Um, that happened? Will happen? Is happening?,” I thought to myself. Then I stayed up til 2am creating a list of possibilities for the trip. He hasn’t been to The City since the ’80s so I am sharing my favorite city with one of my favorite people, as if he has never been there. Holy hell! So much to share! Ever since, I’ve realized this, I’ve been squealing like a toddler who just found out she gets an unexpected trip to the ice cream shop, but silently because I’m grown and TOTALLY mature.

This is what I shared with him. Feel free to add your ideas in the comments! 

The following are a random selection of things I like (or have heard of) in NYC / Bklyn that would make good spots on a map to begin an adventure. Well, wherever we are will be an adventure, so these spots are possibilities with adventures on the journey from wherever we are to wherever we choose to go. We can use these ideas or ditch them entirely.

The Met 10-9 F / Sat & Sun 10-5:30 (We’ll go Friday to be sure to see it and have time to return.)
Oyster Bar – mainly for the historical interest and Grand Central beauty. Oh yeah, and oysters.
Roosevelt Island – Held an asylum at far end of island. The land remains disconcerting though there are apartments and such near the air tram.
The Noguchi Museum – no idea this existed, intrigued. (Queens)
Socrates Park – no idea this existed, intrigued. (Queens)
PS1 – MoMA 10-6. (Queens)

Brooklyn Museum (11-6) – on the edge of Prospect Park. Prospect Park and Central Park were both designed by Olmsted – to note, the style of Prospect is what Central Park was prior to “englishfication”.
Broadway & Myrtle Avenue – My old neighborhood, curious how it has transformed.
Bklyn Hts Promenade – views
Jane’s carousel (11-7) stunning rejuvenation of 100+ year old carousel, now situated and lovely park of DUMBO.
Atlantic Avenue, Sahadis
Key Lime on a stick 185 Van Dyke St Brooklyn, NY 11231
Celebrate Bklyn :: Ben L’Oncle / Sweet Crude :: Saturday, July 15th 6:30 gate / 7:30 show
Sleep No More :: Shakespeare’s Scottish tragedy through a film noir lens ::

Cafe Mogador (101 St Marks Place New York, NY 10009, now in Brooklyn, too 133 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249)
Little Italy – (pizza, was a regular lunch spot when I was at NYPL) btw 5th & Madison
Vanessa Dumplings – 118A Eldridge Street (btw Grand & Broome) –
Co. – 230 9th Avenue – Jim Lahey (That no knead bread we both adore … This place is that guy.)
Olmsted on Vanderbilt in Bklyn – Just looks amazing.
Prune :: 54 East 1st Street – I’ve read the owner’s autobiography and am smitten.
Dosa man – In Washington Park. Offspring and I stumbled on to him a few years ago. I dreamed in chutney.

Highline “Park”
SeaGlass Carousel 1(0-10) Battery Park
Governor’s Island
Staten Island Ferry – runs 24-hours

Solid foodie list … Keep on reading … It keeps on going.


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